How to set up an auto reply message in Gmail

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How to set up an auto reply message in Gmail
How to set up an auto reply message in Gmail
In this guide, we’ll look at how to create an automatic reply email in Gmail that is sent when you receive new emails.

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Key Moments
00:00 Introduction
00:13 Overview of how to create an auto responder in Gmail
00:53 How to turn on templates in Gmail
02:04 Create a response template using Gmail
03:23 Set up an auto responder in Gmail
05:36 Wrap up

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Let’s start with templates in Gmail

I’m logged into Google and I’m in my Gmail inbox.

The email templates features isn’t turned on by default in Gmail
Before we can use it, we need to enable it.
To do that, let’s move to the top right of our inbox.
If I hover over this Cog or Gear icon, you can see its labelled Settings.
This is where the detailed settings for Gmail are stored.

If I click on that, it opens a Quick Settings panel, but I want to dive into the next level of settings for Gmail so I’m going to click on the ‘See all settings’ button.

This opens a page with a number of different sections
and a lot of information on it.
But the only area we’re interested in is the Advanced section.
Let’s click on that.

There are a number of hidden options on this page.

To turn on the templates feature, all I need to do is choose to enable the option in that row.
And you MUST also remember to click the Save button at the bottom of this page in order to confirm that change.

Gmail will then restart, and you see we are returned to our Inbox.

Let’s now look at how to create the auto response email.

I’ll write a simple acknowledgement email that I’ll send to everyone that sends me an email.

To do that, I’ll start by clicking on the ‘Compose an email’ icon in the top left of our inbox which opens a new email window.

Let’s create that template quickly.

Once I’m happy with the email, to save it as a template in Gmail
Lets click on the ‘3 dots’ icon which has a number of options behind it.

Because we’ve now enabled templates, you’ll see there is an option shown for templates
so lets scroll up to that
And you’ll see an option is then shown to Save draft as template
Let’s move our mouse pointer onto that
And that displays a further option – ‘Save as new template’
Let’s click on that.
We’re then asked to confirm the name of the template – by default Gmail uses the subject you gave the template, but you can change or modify that by clicking into it.
Once you’ve made any further change, click on ‘Save’ to create and store your template email.
Gmail will allow you to store up to a maximum of 50 templates.

There’s no need to save or work in this email anymore so I’ll close it by clicking on the X in the top right of the compose window.

Let’s now move on to set up the email responder feature for the template we have just created

We can do this using filters or rules in Gmail.

To create a filter in Gmail, I’ll move my mouse to the search bar in Gmail and on the left hand side of that bar, you’ll see an icon to show search options.
Lets click on that.

A detailed filter options box is then opened.
On this first page, you are asked to confirm how the emails you want to apply the rule can be identified.
I want to create a simple rule that responds with my thankyou email to everyone that sends me an email.
There are a number of ways I can do this, but the easiest way is simply to choose all emails that are sent to my main Woggle Guides email address.
To do that, all I need to do, is click in to the ‘To:’ and add my email address
This basically asks Gmail to find all the emails that are sent that email address

Once you are happy with the filter rule you have set up, you can confirm that by clicking on the Create filter link at the bottom of the options box.

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