Send Bulk Email Using Gmail Mail Merge 500 Emails At Once Free Email Marketing

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Send Bulk Email Using Gmail Mail Merge 500 Emails At Once Free Email Marketing
Send Bulk Email Using Gmail Mail Merge 500 Emails At Once Free Email Marketing
Send Bulk Email Using Gmail Mail Merge 500 Emails At Once Free Email Marketing Send bulk email from Gmail. Post Here:

Google sheet Link:

Steps to Send 500 Emails At Once Using Gmail Mail Merge
Step 1: Compose Mail & Draft it
-Open Your Gmail
-Click Here to Compose Mail
– Don’t Add Recipients
– Type Your Email Subject
– Add {{Given Name}} For First Name, {{Given Name}} is Short code to Add First Name of Recipients Automatically from Data
– Add {{Family Name}} For Last Name {{Family Name}} is Short code to Add Last Name of Recipients Automatically from Data
– Add Your Message, Image, Link ECT
– Now, Our Mail is Ready, Leave As It is & Save As Draft
Step 2: Create Google Sheet for Emails
– Search for Google Docs
– Click on Sheets
– click here to go to google sheets
– Click on Blank
– Type Name for Email Sheet
Step 3: Add Mergo Mail Merge Add-ons to the sheet
– Click on Add-ons
– click on get Add-ons
– Search Here: Mergo Mail Merge
– Click on Mergo EMail Marketing
– Click on Install
– Click on Continue to Give permission
– Choose an account to Continue
– Reload the Page
– Click on Mergo Add-ons
– Click Here to Import Contacts from Google Contacts
– Click on Import, Now emails imported from google contacts
– Add more emails manually if you want
– Click on Mail Merge
– Select Gmail graft we we created before
– click on Send Emails
– Now Your Message send to the emails we added.
– Head over to Merge Status to check email status
– Done.

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