Shield Your Inbox: How to Report Phishing Emails in Outlook 2023

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Shield Your Inbox: How to Report Phishing Emails in Outlook 2023
Shield Your Inbox: How to Report Phishing Emails in Outlook 2023
Don’t fall victim to online scams! Learn how to protect yourself by reporting phishing emails in Outlook. Our step-by-step guide empowers you to identify red flags, report suspicious emails, and prevent cyber threats. Safeguard your personal and financial information from phishing attacks. Watch now to become a cyber-savvy warrior and stay one step ahead of scammers. Remember to subscribe for more tech security insights to keep your digital life secure!

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Presenting a streamlined step-by-step shortcut guide for your convenience. Hope it helps!

Step 1: If you receive a message that you believe is a phishing attempt, click the /”Report/” button along the top toolbar in Microsoft Outlook, then choose /”Report Phishing/”.
Step 2: You can also right-click the message in your Inbox and select /”Report/” then /”Report Phishing/”.

Chapters of How to Report Phishing Emails in Outlook
0:00 – Introduction
0:07 – Opening Outlook and Selecting Email
0:16 – Accessing Report Option
0:29 – Choosing /”Report Phishing/”
0:36 – Completing the Report
0:48 – Conclusion & Call to Action

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