The Orange Pi Neo Has A Few Unique Features Related to SteamOS

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The Orange Pi Neo Has A Few Unique Features Related to SteamOS
The Orange Pi Neo Has A Few Unique Features Related to SteamOS
Exploring the Orange Pi Neo – A New Handheld Gaming Console Competitor in 2024

In this video, James dives deep into the new hardware news of the Orange Pi Neo, a handheld gaming device speculated to rival the current market offerings. Similar in specs to the previous generation, the Orange Pi Neo boasts features like smaller X Y A B buttons than the traditional size and additional trackpads. Its similarities to Steam Deck have led to discussions about the potential for OS compatibility. Despite being a Chinese-made device with potential support issues, it is a promising contender in the gaming handheld market with an anticipated 700 price tag. The hardware includes a powerful APU and impressive specs, including 32 GB and two terabyte options. The OS powering this device is Manjaro Linux, suggesting that the producers might develop their own flavor of OS in case full compatibility with Steam OS is not achieved. The video encourages the audience to keep an eye on the Orange Pi Neo as it could help guide the future of more device options beyond Windows 11.

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00:00 Introduction and Overview
00:33 Unveiling the Orange PI Neo
01:00 Deep Dive into the Hardware
02:11 Exploring the Track Pads and Steam Compatibility
02:53 Discussion on Steam OS and Hardware Companies
06:12 Specs and Performance Expectations
09:00 Potential as a Steam Deck Alternative
10:36 Final Thoughts and Conclusion

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